French touch Summer school 2016

After the resounding success of last year’s edition, the summer school programme run by the schools of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry is back on the road! Between May 30 and July 22, 2016 participants will once again be given the opportunity to step into the world of French “savoir-faire” and enjoy a unique perspective of luxury through fashion, perfumery, craftsmanship, photography and haute cuisine, all of which have contributed to France’s worldwide renown for centuries. Discover this year’s courses which have been carefully concocted to appeal to all those with an avid interest in French culture.

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Welcome to the French touch Summer school 2016! Whether you take these courses to discover French culture, improve your skills or simply for your personal enrichment, this year's summer session is designed for you to enjoy the very best of what our schools have to offer.


16 courses to learn about the French touch and French know-how

  • Proposed by FERRANDI Paris (the French school of gastronomy), GOBELINS (the school of visual communication), ISIPCA (the international institute of perfume, cosmetics and food flavouring) and La Fabrique (the school of fashion and interior design), all courses are taught in English with the exception of the cosmetics course at ISIPCA.

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2 new courses by La Fabrique, the school of fashion and interior design

  • "A French cultural experience: fashion, gastronomy, perfumes"
    The course is run in association with the Institut français de la mode (IFM - the French fashion institute) and taught entirely in English.

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  • "Découverte des métiers de la maroquinerie et de la décoration"
    Dedicated to junior school and highschool students the course aims to give an insight into leather working and/or interior designing and related trades.
    The course is taught exclusively in French.

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2 courses (6 modules) by Le Centre de langue française - Université d'été




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