The French touch Summer school 2017 is now open for enrollment

Now is the time to register for our great “French touch” summer courses! The 2017 edition of the Summer School programme run by 4 schools of the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry is open for registration! Between June 26 and July 21, this year’s participants will once again be given the opportunity to step into the world of French “savoir-faire” and enjoy a unique perspective of luxury “à la française” through fashion, perfumery, craftsmanship, photography and haute cuisine, all of which have contributed to France’s worldwide renown for centuries. Discover this year’s courses which have been carefully concocted to appeal to all those with an avid interest in French culture.

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ISIPCA, the international institute of perfume, cosmetics and food flavouring, FERRANDI Paris, the French school of gastronomy, La Fabrique, the school of fashion and interior design and GOBELINS, the school of visual communication, managed by the Paris ile-de-France Chamber of commerce and industry; are delighted to welcome you to the French touch Summer school 2017! Whether you take its courses to discover French culture, improve your skills or simply for your personal enrichment, this year's summer session is designed for you to enjoy the very best of what our schools have to offer.

All courses are taught in English with the exception of the cosmetics course at ISIPCA.


The school of Perfume, cosmetics and food flavoring has been training perfumers, cosmeticians and flavourists for almost 50 years. For the third consecutive year ISIPCA offers 2 summer courses that can be taken on an independent or complementary basis: "The Art of perfumery "à la française" and The Art of cosmetics "à la française". Both comprise a series of lectures, company visits and workshops. They will allow participants to discover what makes the French approach to the world of perfumery and / or cosmetics so unique. They will find out about the importance of tradition and modernity / innovation in these two fields.

  • Courses are taught in French and English
  • Dates: The Art of Cosmetics “à la française” – June 26-July 7, 2017 / The Art of perfumery “à la française” – July 3-13, 2017.
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Whether you are simply mad about French pastries and breads, or fascinated by French Haute cuisine, or impatient to learn how to cook the French way, FERRANDI Paris, the leading French school of gastronomy, is a must! This summer it offers no less than 10 courses ranging from classic pastries to bread and French cuisine.


La Fabrique

For the second year running La Fabrique will offer 2 courses centered on French luxury know-how and fashion stores & visual merchandising.

"A French cultural experience: fashion, gastronomy, perfumes"
The course is run in association with the Institut français de la mode (IFM - the French fashion institute) with input from FERRANDI Paris, La Fabrique and ISIPCA. This course is designed to allow participants to understand the keys of French many savoir faire by experiencing them through lectures, numerous visits, field trips and workshops.

Date : July 10-21, 2017
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"A fashion tour in Paris"
You have a passion for fashion and its world and wish to know what it involves from clothes making to the selling of items and shops including window dressing, store design and layout, this course is meant for you! The course includes a focus on leather goods making with a workshop where participants will have an opportunity to make a real leather bag from start to finish.



Ranked N°1 animation school worldwide for the 2nd year in a row, Gobelins summer class has been offered for over 10 years and is now famous the world over. Being a summer class student at Gobelins is not only the opportunity to learn the best character animation  techniques that made the school famous worldwide but also to meet fascinating people, lecturers, professionals and fellow student, which make it a “course of a life time”.


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