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Specialised Master’s Degree in Regulatory Affairs Management of Fragrance and Cosmetics


la formation répond aux objectifs suivants :

  • Managing a regulatory file, checking the effectiveness and harmlessness of the products before the launch on the market
  • Assessing and managing risks from the product design phase to the consumer hands
  • Assessing and validating the regulatory conformity of the products
  • Being familiar with the techniques for assessing the safety of products and the risks of using a product
  • Validating the regulatory conformity of communication media (packaging, labelling, advertising, etc.)
  • Organising the monitoring of international regulations and a cosmetovigilance system
  • Managing a crisis and deploy communication skills during a crisis
  • Working with multiple in-house and external stakeholders

Informations pratiques

  • École : ISIPCA
  • Mode : E-learning
  • Niveau d'entrée : BAC+5
  • Niveau de sortie : Bac +5 (Master 2, Ingénieur et titre de niveau 7)
  • Durée : 1 an
  • Lieux : ISIPCA Campus Versailles
  • Domaine : Parfumerie • Aromatique • Cosmétique • Beauté - Bien-être, Management • RH • Conduite de projet • Qualité, Développement international
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