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Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Notre Groupe Notre Groupe

Acting for business

Meeting IT-Tuesday

Starting your company, finding financing, transitioning to digital technologies, developing your business and winning new markets across France and the world... All along the way, the advisers of Paris Ile-de-France CCI can provide you with the information and skills you need to express your potential for initiative to the full.

Our advisers in all eight local CCIs in Île-de-France are close to your business, share your expectations and ambitions, and are on hand to facilitate the development of your projects.


80 000
People creating, taking over, selling or passing on businesses informed or guided
Sites dedicated to entrepreneurship (incubators and business centres, premises)
Business networks


Training the talents of tomorrow

Jeune étudiante

New jobs, new challenges...the Paris Île-de-France CCI schools are constantly innovating to provide a response tailored to the needs of businesses, the economy and the labour market.

We help young people and adults build their careers through initial training, apprenticeships and also in-service training. Whatever your challenges, our Education Cluster organized around several professional sectors will help you boost your skills.


35 500
Students, including 15,500 in apprenticeships
30 000
Adults in in-service training
Business incubators


Shedding light on the issues, opening new horizons

Innovation - Réflexion

Paris Île-de-France CCI is a source of proposals, informs debates on key issues and plays an active role in the growth of local companies and the economy in its territory.

Its general assembly is made up of elected business leaders and acts to represent and defend the interests of businesses with public authorities, as well as taking positions on major business issues.

Taxation, labor law, economic and technological change, regional planning... On many topical subjects, Paris Ile-de-France CCI delivers its analyses, expresses its point of view and proposes solutions. Our forward-looking approach opens new horizons for you.


Reports and policy papers
Research center (CROCIS and OCED)


Events to boost your business

Tourisme - ©Bonny

With over 700 trade shows, conferences and events organized each year, Paris Île-de-France CCI is a key player in a sector that contributes actively to developing business and business tourism across the region. Our exhibition centers and conference facilities provide ideal opportunities for you to publicize your products and meet new industrial or commercial partners in a very short time, discover the latest innovations in your sector of activity, and promote the expertise of the SMEs and the sectors of excellence of the Île-de-France economy internationally.


Billion in economic spin-offs for the local territory
In the world for conferences and trade shows
Billion in turnover for businesses at trade fairs in Ile-de-france